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Mercury Glass and the Old Country
By: Ann Steiger  -  12/20/2015

Remember waiting for Christmas morning and the treasures under the tree. Each year, my Mom would open up the large box of individually wrapped glass ornaments. The tree would be filled with these treasured ornaments, many so old that we couldnít remember where they came from. My Mom remembered many from Sweden and Germany.

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Mercury glass ornaments in pastel colors have marks on the top from Poland, Czechoslovakia, West Germany, and U. S. of A. Mercury glass, today know as silvered glass, originated in Germany a century ago. Clear glass was forced into a mold, Christmas ornaments for example, creating a double walled image. A silver formula, not mercury or silver, was forced between the glass layers creating a silver effect. In some ways, it was the poor manís silver and more affordable.

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Our elder grandparents remember decorating their Christmas trees with these delicate and beautiful ornaments along with tinsel. After Christmas, each is carefully removed from the tree, wrapped up and placed in a huge box. Some have cracks or broken glass, but were still saved from year to year. Of course, tinsel everywhere.

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These wonderful ornaments are over 100 years old and becoming so hard to find. Here at the Roxy Theatre Antiques, we have many old mercury glass ornaments to take home. With every ornament, there is a story of a memory about a favorite Grandma or bright tree.


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Ann Steiger
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