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Historical Summary of the P. J. Murphy Building (Roxy Theatre in Historic Kennewick, WA)
By: Roxy  -  12/19/2011

P. J. Murphy Building
AD 1920

The building that houses the Roxy Theater Antiques and Gifts was originally built in 1920 for larger, traveling vaudeville acts.  In it's near 100 year existance, the "P. J. Murphy" building has been the home to engineers, several theaters, a second-hand store, both a men's and women's clothing store and finally, the Roxy Theater Antiques and Gifts.

Even through its incarnations and being repurposed from theatre to retail store, much of the original architecture and character remains or has been restored to original.  Such is the case with the tile floor at the Kennewick Avenue enterance.

The following is a short biography of the Roxy Theatre in Historic Downtown Kennewick.  If you have questions about the Roxy or a story to tell about the Roxy, please share them at

Architect / Engineer F. A. Swingle
Architect A. V. McReynolds
Original Owner P. J. Murphy
Opened Saturday, July 3, 1920
Dedication included Mayor George E. Tweedit and Miss Alice Corfman, costumed as the "Goddess of Liberty" reading a brief dedicatory message to the community. 
Movie features included W. S. Hart's production of "The Toll Gate" and Fatty Arbuckle in "The Garage."
1920 - 1939 Liberty Theatre, located in the P. J. Murphy Building. 
Built to accommodate larger traveling vaudeville shows. 
Had the capability of housing 15 sets of flies or scenery.
1920 Square Deal Realty, located in street level corner of new Murphy Bldg. 
Haas Bakery, located in south east street level corner of building.
1927 Liberty Theatre wa purchased by Mercy Theatre chain. 
Removed the balcony and added seating on the main floor. 
Installed a new Wurlitzer pipe organ shipped from San Fransicso. 
New Movie projectors were added. 
Decorated with a popular Egyptian theme.
1933-1934 Temporarily closed during the Depression.
1936 Remodeled with a new wood floor, upholstered bucket seats and red and black decorations, a men's restroom, exterior paint, a new heating and ventilating system and new projectors.

New name, new prices for local Mercy Theatre.
Opens as the Roxy Theatre featuring Glenda Farrell and Barton MacLane in "Torchy Blane in Chinatown" and Douglass Dumbrille in Sane Grey's "Mysterious Rider."

1939-1957 Continues as the Roxy Theatre.
1962-1983 Ken's Clothing store.
1971-1983 Rita's Women's Clothing store.
2000 Facade Improvement grant application -- remove decorative paneling.
2001 Dicker and Sway Antique Shop and Hall Engineering office.
2001 Opened Roxy Theatre and Gifts.
2003 Upstairs suites remodeled.
2004 Remodeled building enterance.
Remodeled upstairs apartment.
2006 Added coffee house with 1100 square feet at north enterance.

Roxy Theater Antiques and Gifts
Kennewick Coffee
Zinful Wine Bar
Steiger Productions -- producers of the Tri-Cities Antique Show . . . with a twist of vintage!



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