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My simple rule - Reach out and provide each person coming through our door at least 3 distinct experiences in the Shop.  Experience a new idea, and accept our invitatation to respond and have some fun too!


Alameda Flea
By: Ann Steiger  -  6/4/2012

Off on a California Adventure, with antiques not for the roller coasters . . . but for an antique adventure at the Alameda Flea Market. 

A full day planned for the Alameda Flea Marketri-cities antique show, antique store, kennewick, tri-cities, richland, hermiston, pendelton, oregon, washington, vintage market, funky junk showt -- 9am to 3:30pm -- and not sure what I am looking for.  I have a fondness for old trophies and this one was really wonderful. These two women had a booth at the beginning and were selling off a storage unit filled with inventory from her old antique shop. She had to close the shop, because the building owner had raised the rent and she couldn't keep it up. There were really cool Victorian linens, bowls filled with kitchen tools, and more.

I saw this trophy, when we arrived at 9am, and like lots of antique show and vintage market customers I walked away from it and took the chance that it wouldn't be there later.  At 3:30pm, we wandered back by and it was still there. Whee! I had to have it then, it was meant to be!  It is for the Dog Best in Show at the Oregon Dog Fancier's Association Show in Salem, 1941. It will go with my collection of beautiful mid-1950 horse show ribbons for my booth at Leslee's Mobley's American Primitives at Clayson Farm Antique Show in Yakima the second Saturday in August.

I found this really huge watering can. We put it in our handy cart and walked off. I didvintage market, antique show, antique store, antique mall, richland, pasco, kennewick, tri-cities, hermiston, pendleton, oregon, washington, yakima, walla walla purchase one more watering can, though much smaller. They were hard to find with the nozzle.

Featherweight Sewing Machines - I think we all know what a Singer Featherweight looks like,especially the black box.  At the Alameda Flea Market, we began to see more than a few Featherweights.  Early in the day, we found $260-$280 Featherweights, then there were the $375 to $425, then the $225. 8 in total, with such a price range. Having learned from personal experience, I checked to see if the bobbin case was in each machine. All but one had the bobbin case. In our area, quilters love these machines for the portability and their consistency in the measured stitch. Once you set it at 12 stitches per inch, for example, it never changes. I love these machines.

I left the Alameda Flea Market with some treasures and a sunburn, but what fun!


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Ann Steiger
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